New Releases for September 2017!

PARMA Recordings New Releases Available Now

September’s release slate features albums from Navona, Ravello, and Ansonica Records. Included in this month’s release slate are two compilation albums including the music of Bruce Babcock, Hilary Tann, and Joseph Summer. We also have a couple new artists like Ken Walicki and Steve Rouse. Additionally, we have a special release featuring Cuba’s Maykel Elizarde Group, which is the next release in the Música de Cuba series.

Read on to get all of the deets…

Fleeting Realms


Bruce Babcock

Joyce Wai-chung Tang

Nora Morrow

David Maki

Craig Madden Morris

Joseph Summer

An intrinsically compelling chamber music compilation featuring works from six modern composers.

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Tomorrow's Air


Hilary Tann

Hans Bakker 

Daniel Perttu

Jan Järvlepp

Pierre Schroeder

Paul Osterfield

A collection of contemporary music for large ensemble, written by today’s greatest composers in styles both uplifting and inspirational.

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Christopher Nichols, clarinet

Julie Nishimura, piano

Clarinetist Christopher Nichols presents a definitive compilation of Italian, French, and American clarinet works spanning two centuries.

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Robert Hugill

Robert Hugill presents an enthralling, intimate showcase of contemporary art song, showcasing an exceptional sensitivity to text and melody, both of which shine through his clear and lyrical musical language.

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Warrior Monks


Carl Vollrath

A sonically bombastic collection of two clarinet concerti’s and a trumpet concerto by Carl Vollrath spanning themes of war, solace, fascination, and reverence.

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Morphic Resonance


Steve Rouse

Composer Steve Rouse constructs chamber music from the last two decades and beyond featuring compelling and idiosyncratic musical statements.

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Ken Walicki

Composer Ken Walicki creates an acoustic and electronic snapshot of a world slowly succumbing to an indifferent sameness through a more connected, yet dehumanized planet.

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Maykel Elizarde book


Maykel Elizarde Group

Building on a Cuban tres foundation, the Maykel Elizarde Group takes listeners on a sonic tour of the island nation.

Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Spotify

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