New Release With Piffaro: The Renaissance Band!

Piffaro: The Renaissance Band
We’re pleased to announce that Piffaro and PARMA will be teaming up once again for the release of their new album, BACK BEFORE BACH!  This will be Piffaro’s fourth album with PARMA following the 2012 release, LOS MINISTRILES IN THE NEW WORLD
Piffaro is a septet that features period correct instrumentation from the Medieval and Renaissance era. The group covers a wide range of music from that time, including the rich sounds of the high class wind bands, to the songs that could be heard as a medieval countryman. While many might think of stringed instruments like a lute or harp when picturing that era, a wide variety of instruments were popular, such as shawms, dulcians and sackbuts among others.
Piffaro’s BACK BEFORE BACH traces the lineage of music that had come before the composer. A review for their performance at the Philadelphia Bach festival had this to say, “it was not only an illustrative but a musically delightful journey of the development of Renaissance musical conventions into Baroque.”
We’re excited to present this program along with Piffaro!  Keep an eye out for updates and in the meantime, you can check out a segment from BACK BEFORE BACH below:

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