PARMA Artists COULOIR, the Canada-based duo made up of cellist Ariel Barnes and harpist Heidi Krutzen, have signed on to release a follow-up to their 2013 release WINE DARK SEA. This new release will feature the music of Maxwell and Muhly.

Heidi Krutzen’s performances have been described as “immaculate” (Seattle Times), “emotional” (The Georgia Straight), and “incisive”, (The Whole Note), while Ariel Barnes has been named a “rising star” by the Georgia Straight, “a surprising standout” by the KW Gazette, and “a musician of real stature” by the Vancouver Sun.

As COULOIR, the duo has been praised for deep chemistry in music-making as heard on the emotional and evocative performances on WINE DARK SEA. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming release, and in the meantime be sure to check out WINE DARK SEA:

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