New Project: Chamber Works of Fred Broer

PARMA artist Fred Broer has signed on to record and release a full album of chamber works including his four “Piano Pieces” and his “String Quartet No.8.” All are complex, challenging works; the latter features multiple passages in which the musicians play at simultaneously different tempi. This release will follow up Fred’s inclusion on the upcoming TURBULENT SKY compilation.

Fred holds a doctorate in music from Boston University and was formerly the administrative director of the North Shore Conservatory of Music at Endicott College. During his 25 years of teaching, he also directed the Pro Musica Chamber Singers, and Wakefield Festival Chorus. Currently retired, Fred enjoys composing and directing The Manchester Singers in Manchester, MA.

While looking forward to Fred’s new album of chamber works, check out this preview of TURBULENT SKY, including Fred’s “Symphony for String Orchestra.”

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