New PARMA project: Clementi on Clementi

PARMA is pleased to announce our plans to work with pianist Shuko Watanabe and PARMA flutist Byron Petty, along with Dr. Timothy Gaylard of Washington and Lee University on a new release of duos and solo pieces composed by Muzio Clementi.

Muzio Clementi lived from the mid 1700’s to early 1800’s and is considered by many as a renaissance man, though he was 200 years ahead of the period.  He was a composer, conductor, editor, pedagogue, pianist, publisher and piano manufacturer.  It is believed that Clementi and Mozart were rivals, coming from different schools of classical piano. As a composer, Clementi was one of the first to write works for the capabilities of the pianoforte, giving him the title “Father of the Pianoforte.”

The release’s program was recorded at Washington & Lee University on a Muzio Clementi Fortepiano crafted in 1814 and will be a bicentennial of the piano’s birth.  We are looking forward to releasing this historically significant project – look out for updates in 2014.

Listen to Clementi’s highly recognizable “Op 3 No. 1 in C” below:

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