New PARMA Artists: La Mandragore

We are pleased to welcome new PARMA Artists La Mandragore, a Montreal-based ensemble of musicians focusing on medieval and traditional repertoire. La Mandragore have signed on to release an album of Viking-inspired music with PARMA; here is their description of their album’s concept:

How many of us are aware that the Vikings not only explored as far afield as Iran and Newfoundland, colonized Iceland and Greenland, invaded England and Normandy, but also carried out commerce and trade in Russia and served as mercenaries in Constantinople? We decided to imagine the music these tireless voyagers would have notated had they had the time and leisure. A melting pot of cultures from the Orient to the West: Scandinavian folklore; songs in Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian and Old Norse… and even in French; our Mediterranean instruments; and finally several instruments exclusive to Nordic lands, such as the nyckelharpa (the Swedish keyed fiddle), and the sackpipa (the Scandinavian bagpipe).”

La Mandragore’s previous album Convivencia similarly featured the inspiring multi-cultural influences in medieval Andalusia, between Arab, Jewish and European civilizations. It was nominated as Best world music album in 2011 by Quebec Show-business Producers Association (ADISQ). Their concert also received the Opus Award as “Concert of the Year – World Music” from the Quebec Council for Music.
Avid live performers, La Mandragore have played a lot around Quebec and in many medieval festivals in France. They have not previously performed in the USA, but they are very interested in doing so in the future. Check out this video of their music, and be sure to look for their next release, MIDGARD, sometime in early 2015.

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