New PARMA Artist – Zoran Scekic

Croatian composer Zoran Scekic has signed on with PARMA to release a collection of his recorded works for piano in just intonation.
In addition to composing, Zoran is also a guitarist who participates in jazz festivals, biennials, and independent concerts while writing music for big band, chamber orchestra as well as music for films, theatre, and dance. He has also invented several of his own musical instruments:
This release is part of a larger multimedia project called “Panmonism” exploring the characteristics, possibilities, and restrictions of natural intervals of just intonation through concert, exhibition, lecture, and seminar. As part of this project, Zoran constructed a microtonal keyboard for which he composed several pieces in just intonation, and these works will make up the program for his upcoming PARMA release.
The project takes its title from the Greek “pan”(all) and “monos” (single). This is meant to show that the difference between music and mathematics is not in structure but in perception. You can read more about “Panmonism” at
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