New PARMA Artist: Steven Winteregg

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra will feature the world premiere of “The Great Divide,” a piece composed by Dr. Steve Winteregg.
Steven Winteregg

PARMA is pleased to welcome composer Steven Winteregg to our roster of artists and composers. Dr. Winteregg has signed on to record his piece “Prelude for Charles,” in memory of conductor Charles Wendelken-Wilson, for an upcoming album of contemporary works for orchestra. 

Dr. Winteregg’s diverse catalog of works includes ballets, concertos and orchestral works, and pieces for solo instruments and chamber ensembles.

In addition to his work as a composer, he is also an accomplished tuba player, having previously served as Principal Tuba in the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. He has been a Professor of Music at Cedarville University in Ohio since 2004. 

Of the man who inspired “Prelude for Charles,” Dr. Winteregg writes:
“Charles Wendelken-Wilson greatly advanced the Arts as a conductor, a classical radio station program director, and a champion of symphonic and operatic music. As I attended the memorial concert for Charles Wendelken-Wilson, my reflective thoughts were overwhelmed with a flood of memories about Charles: his love of Romanticism, his appreciation of the dramatic moment in a symphony, his affection of opera, his fondness for the odd musical story in a rehearsal and much, much more.

Prelude for Charles mirrors that experience in that it starts in a very contemplative mood but soon dissolves into a myriad of musical thoughts of Charles, all in a neo-Romantic style. The thematic materials are based on musical representations of the name “Charles” with a written “c” represented by a musical “c” and the written letters without a corresponding musical letter assigned a musical note to represent them. The harmony rarely features a simple musical triad and is somewhat more complicated.

 While Charles was very accessible, he was not what one would describe as a “simple” man but a complicated person with layer upon layer of depth. Ultimately Prelude for Charles is not only a musical representation of Charles but also a piece that I hope that Charles would have enjoyed rehearsing and conducting.”

We’ll be recording “Prelude for Charles” with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Olomouc, Czech Republic this June. Stay tuned for more updates about this and other summer orchestral sessions!

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