New PARMA Artist: Stephen Ruppenthal

Stephen Ruppenthal

PARMA is pleased to announce trumpeter Stephen Ruppenthal has signed on to release an album of world premiere recordings by composers Allen Strange, Brian Belet, Elainie Lillios, and Bruno Liberda with PARMA in 2017.

FLAMETHROWER: New Music for Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Interactive Electro-acoustics, is the product of close collaborations with each composer to create diverse, dynamic sonic palettes, and re-define an electro-acoustic space for trumpet/flugelhorn performance.

The resulting collection of new works, written for the performer, explores not only a vast gamut of extended techniques for the horns and voice, but uses a provocative and real-time interactive relationship with digital audio environments designed for creative sonic alteration orchestration in live performance, such as Kyma and MAX/MSP. FLAMETHROWER explores areas of the electro-acoustic avant garde, jazz, and ambient styles of contemporary music.

Stephen is a founding member of SoundProof, with violinist Patricia Strange, and composer, KYMA artist, and bassist Brian Belet, specializing in interactive, electro-acoustic performance. Stephen was also a founding member of the Electric Weasel Ensemble, with Allen Strange and Donald Buchla, and also performed with President’s Breakfast.

Stephen’s work with SoundProof can be found on their website. FLAMETHROWER will be available on Ravello Records in 2017 — in the meantime, stay tuned for updates, and welcome Stephen!

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