New PARMA Artist: R. Barry Ulrich

Oregon-based composer R. Barry Ulrich has signed on to record and release his piece “Russian Winter” for strings with PARMA.
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R. Barry Ulrich (R) with drummer Jack Sperling (L)
Throughout his career as a composer, Barry’s music has been praised for his rich sense of lyricism and harmony.

Barry attended Los Angeles City College in 1958, where he studied under the pianist and conductor Leonard Stein. He then went on to study with Leon Dallin an Robert Tyndall at Long Beach State College, where he graduated with a B.A. in Music in 1963. After graduating, Barry spent 36 years as a teacher in the Montebello School District, where he directed bands and choirs and also taught science, swimming, computers, and journalism. In 1970, he took members of the Montebello High School band and choir on a European performance tour, directing and conducting concerts in Barcelona, Rome, and Paris.
We’ll be hitting the studio in the fall to record “Russian Winter,” but in the meantime, you can hear Barry’s music via YouTube, including a performance of “A Short Piece” below. You can also sample his music and some of his past concerts at his website, Sterling Creek Music. Welcome, Barry!

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