New PARMA Artist: Patricia Julien

We’re happy to welcome composer/flutist Patricia Julien to the PARMA family of artists!

Patricia is an Associate Professor of Music at the University of Vermont. Before UVM, she taught at Skidmore College, George Washington University, and University of Maryland, College Park. She has presented her continuing research at the national conference of the Society for Music Theory and has published articles and reviews in Theory and Practice, Annual Review of Jazz Studies, Jazz Education Journal, and Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy.

Here are some thoughts from Julien describing the inspiration and content of the orchestral work we’ll be recording in the spring:


“Among the Hidden grew out of my recent and ongoing exploration of what it means to be hidden, to hide, to conceal. I attempted to depict and embed some of these ideas in the piece. I considered the literal “concealer,” a type of makeup used to hide so-called flaws and bruises. I thought about children experimenting with lying, attempting to hide the truth, and how this can be a type of storytelling and can also represent an effort to create a new reality. I pondered the idea that a flurry of activity and cheer can sometimes mask unease. I wondered about the use of a disguise to hide and transform, and I contemplated how hiding is related to privacy. Sometimes hiding is playful as in “peek-a-boo” with babies and “hide and seek” with young children. Sometimes there is comfort in being hidden, in not revealing oneself. Almost always, hiding takes effort, but sometimes being hidden is like being invisible, a manifestation of being ignored.”

We’re looking forward to revealing Patricia’s music in 2017 – keep an eye out for more news on this project, and in the meantime, we recommend checking out some of her past work on her website:

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