New PARMA Artist: Mark John McEncroe

Mark John McEncroe

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Australian composer Mark John McEncroe to the PARMA family!

McEncroe’s first release with PARMA will be entitled DARK CLOUDS IN LIFE, a conceptual release focused on overcoming addiction and challenges. The album will be released early 2017 and features the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra along with pianist Helen Kennedy.

Born in Sydney, McEncroe played several instruments including trumpet, flute and clarinet. After playing those instruments and exploring different paths, he landed in music and composition, studying piano with Will Scarlett, Valeria Fawcett, and DARK CLOUDS IN LIFE pianist Helen Kennedy. Mark also spent many years studying composition and music theory with PARMA Artist Margaret Brandman. Another key figure in Mark’s composition journey has been orchestrator Mark Saliba, with whom McEncroe has shared a close musical partnership with. 

In 2013, McEncroe traveled to Ostrava, CZ to record two symphonic poems, “The Passing” and “A Celebration of the Natural World” with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra. He traveled to Ostrava again in July 2014 to record his “Fanfare Suite” and “Natalie’s Suite,” which will be included on DARK CLOUDS IN LIFE. 

“The Passing,” saw its world premiere in Ostrava, CZ January 21st and 22nd of this year with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.  The Janacek Philharmonic will also perform McEncroe’s Symphonic Suite No.1 – “Just Another Medieval Tale” on October 20th of this year. 

Helen Kennedy and Mark John McEncroe
Stylistically, many of McEncroe’s compositions, particularly his piano works, carry a very strong French Impressionist influence. His two volumes of piano pieces Reflections & Recollections volumes 1 & 2 are inspired by Japanese gardens, bonsai and koi ponds, in a similar way that painter Claude Monet was inspired by his magnificent garden which features in so many of his paintings. There is also a strong J.S. Bach / Baroque influence, along with the use of jazz harmonies throughout McEncroe’s works.

McEncroe’s’s aim is to create an emotional response to his compositions, as is echoed in the titles of his works.  Keep an eye out for updates on his release and below, listen to the first movement of his “Fanfare Suite,” performed by the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.

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