New PARMA Artist: Mal’Akh Ensemble

Photo Credit: Oscar Jaimes Matec

PARMA is excited to introduce the newest addition to our roster, Mal’Akh Ensemble.

Based in Mexico City, Mal’Akh fuses an array of musical genres into a singular, unique sound that draws from rock, jazz, folk, and avant-garde styles with a very important component of electronic music and multimedia.

Mal’Akh is a contemporary ensemble founded by composer and musical director Felipe Perez Santiago, who also plays guitar and manages additional electronics. The group also consists of Juan Antonio Arévalo on drums and sample programming, Jaime Vargas on bass guitar, and Sofía Zumbado on saxophones.

Photo Credit: Oscar Jaimes Matec

The group is constantly adapting and re-defining their work by incorporating different artistic disciplines, on stage and on their records. They also regularly collaborate with a revolving door of guest musicians, including some of the main singers in Mexico, the Anacrusax saxophone quartet, Mexico’s City Philharmonic Orchestra and cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, among many others.

Mal’Akh’s new album will be available on Ansonica Records in 2017. In the meantime, you can find them on Facebook, on their website, and on their YouTube channel – check out the video for their song “Look (Hold)” from their 2013 album Néctar via the player below.

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