New PARMA Artist: Joanna Estelle

Please join us in welcoming Canadian composer and new PARMA artist: Joanna Estelle!

Joanna has signed on to release a collection of her solo piano works and various chamber music. This will be Joanna’s first official release, a milestone that coincides with her entrance into the Doctor of Music program at the University of Sheffield.

After graduating from Brock University in 1972 with a Psychology degree, Joanna achieved significant success as a corporate accountant for the House of Commons and Governor General, among other agencies. But from a young age, however, Joanna had an inner longing to create and make music that persisted over time. She began writing “little songs” never thinking anyone would hear them. Twenty years later, Maestro Laurence Ewashko from University of Ottawa discovered her secret life as a composer and arranged several of her pieces for his choir.

In 2009, Joanna went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, and as her reputation grew she had several premiers/performances in London, Barcelona, and Ottawa. In 2011, she wrote “Song for Abwoon” for her Master of Arts Music from York University. This piece explored how humanity’s belief in the existence of a higher power has inspired the writing of sacred music in various forms to affirm this belief and encourage a closer relationship with the spiritual dimension of life.

Since 2011, Joanna has continued to have new works performed across the world and served as Chair of the Association of Canadian Women Composers for three years.

Stay tuned for news on Joanna Estelle’s upcoming release, and be sure to visit her website to learn more about her work:

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