New PARMA Artist: Georges Raillard

Join us in welcoming composer Georges Raillard to PARMA’s roster of growing and talented Artists!

Georges was born in Basel Switzerland in 1957, where he completed his primary and secondary studies, while also obtaining a degree in foreign languages.

Georges took private classes in the 1970’s on classical guitar and composition with Elfin F. Vogel. Since then he’s been regularly composing pieces for guitar.

From 1983 – 2001 he lived in Madrid as a teacher, translator, and writer. He has published short stories, articles, and reviews in magazines and anthologies in German-speaking countries.

Next month we will be recording Georges’ solo guitar work, “Sinking Islands,” for an upcoming PARMA compilation. The compilation focus primarily on guitar music and will feature works from new composers around the world.

“Sinking Islands” is a three-movement piece that draws influence from the imagery of the Balearic Islands “disappearing” as you fly over them. As a Spanish-German translator and German writer, Georges frequently flew from Switzerland to Seville with a stopover in Palma de Mallorca. As Geroges plane took off from his stopover in Palma de Mallorca he would see the Balearic Islands “sinking” into the ocean.

You can find out more of Georges work on his website here. Stay tuned for updates on Georges recording session and the upcoming PARMA guitar compilation!

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