New PARMA Artist: Bruce Crossman

We’re pleased to announce that Australian composer Bruce Crossman has signed on to release an album of his chamber recordings with PARMA in 2017.

Bruce is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Composition in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University. He incorporates influences from the Asia-Pacific region into his music, including traces of Filipino, Korean, and Chinese elements, with jazz-influenced physicality thrown in for good measure.

His upcoming release will feature the works “Double Resonances” for piano and percussion, “Not Broken Bruised-Reed” for piano and percussion, “Gentleness-Suddenness” for mezzo-soprano, violin, piano, and percussion, and “Where are the Sounds of Joy?” for trumpet, percussion, and piano.

You can read more about Bruce’s many upcoming projects, including the upcoming Music Festival: Creativity Unlimited at – meanwhile, keep an eye out for more news about his upcoming album in 2017!

Photo by: Tod Clarke

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