New PARMA Artist: Barbara Day Turner and the San José Chamber Orchestra

Barbara Day Turner, founder and music director for the San José Chamber Orchestra, will be releasing a 25th Anniversary album for the orchestra. The album will be a celebration of the most iconic performances that they have had in the past two and a half decades.

The San José Chamber Orchestra (SJCO) is a string based ensemble of 19+ players that was founded in 1991 for an opportunity to play chamber orchestra repertoire and explore new music from living composers. Since then, they have received five ASCAP/League of American Orchestras Adventurous Programming Awards and have produced 5 CDs of contemporary music. The SJCO also embraces the responsibility of providing young emerging artists with opportunities to work with established musicians with their Youth Orchestra program, which encompasses five orchestras serving 110 young string players.
The SJCO 25th Anniversary album will include performances of “Tango Barroco,” a suite written by composer Michael Touchi, a “Piano Concerto” by Michael Ching, and “Saints”, a beautiful five movement work by composer Craig Bohmler.

To learn more about the orchestra, and for a schedule of 25th anniversary performances, check out their website at

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