New PARMA Artist: Allan Crossman

Allan Crossman

PARMA is pleased to welcome composer Allan Crossman to our roster.

Allan has signed on to include his piece “Florébius” for violin and piano on an upcoming chamber compilation on Navona Records.

Throughout his career, Allan’s work has been performed around the world by chamber groups, singers, orchestras, actors, dancers and more.

He studied with composers George Crumb, George Rochberg, and Hugo Weisgall at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees.

Allan has taught at Concordia University in Montreal, the San Francisco Conservatory, Wheaton College in Massachusetts, the Pacific Conservatory, the School of Contemporary Music in Boston, and the San Francisco School of the Arts.

Also an active pianist, he studied with Irwin Gelber and went on to serve as an accompanist, composer/arranger, and music director for several theaters and ensembles around the United States and Canada.

The Eusebius Duo: Monika Gruber (L), Hillary Nordwell (R)

“Florébius” was written for the Eusebius Duo, an award-winning ensemble featuring San Francisco Conservatory of Music graduates Monika Gruber on violin and Hillary Nordwell on piano. The duo will be recording Allan’s piece this spring in San Francisco.

More information about Allan and his work can be found on his website, In the meantime, stay tuned for updates about the release, and welcome Allan!

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