The team here at PARMA has greeted the fall season with a sense of eagerness, anticipation, and perhaps a dash or two of pride. The reasons for this are usually varied, but on October 15th, in our world the answer was universal: the MOTO PERPETUO concert, featuring Ovidiu Marinescu and a range of special guests, was taking place that night. With the programs freshly printed, and Lead Producer Andy Happel on a flight to New York City, the pace within our New Hampshire office made it feel a little like the city itself.
The concert took place at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, on 57th street in midtown Manhattan. Originally called Chamber Music Hall, Weill Hall has been in operation since 1891. With 268 seats combined with famously great acoustics, it makes for an excellent place to catch a chamber music concert.
Ovidiu Marinescu performed works by composers Andrew March, Greg Bartholomew, Alan Beeler, Bill Sherrill, Arthur Gottschalk, and Nick Ascioti. The program was built to celebrate MOTO PERPETUO: Moving Works for Cello, our early 2013 release on Navona Records, and featured every piece from the album.
These works were composed specifically to feature the cello, and the many roles it can play in contemporary music. MOTO PERPETUO features a cross-section of moods, plenty of virtuosic passages, and a voice that has a dramatic versatility, especially in the hands of Marinescu. Sometimes this voice was featured alone; other times it was contained within ensemble pieces, performed by an array of masterful musicians. Janet Ahlquist, Sylvia Ahramjian, Kim Trolier, Dana Weiderhold, Scott Wagner, and Patrick Nugent joined Ovidiu onstage on several different occasions throughout the event.
Andy Happel had the opportunity to cover the photography for the event, so stay tuned for some visual updates in the near future. When asked about the performance, he had this to say: “Everything was truly great…this is a model for the future!” Andy confirmed that the audience’s response was excellent, and the event truly was an experience to remember for those involved.
PARMA extends a hearty congratulations to Ovidiu as well as each composer and musicians involved! We are thrilled that this project has culminated in a highly successful event, and that this music is being heard by new audiences in the form of live concert performances.
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