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Over the past few months, we’ve shared numerous blogs about new releases being featured in the popular “Classical New Releases” playlist curated by Spotify, which is followed by more than 60K listeners.

Because PARMA is verified, we catch the eye of Spotify. That little blue check you see everywhere allows us to be in the group first viewed by Spotify when it comes to making those “Discovered On” playlists, like “Classical New Releases.” (If you have an Artist account on Spotify and aren’t verified, click here to get started).

However, there are more than just “Classical New Releases.” In fact, there are hundreds of Spotify curated playlists with large followings of eager listeners. Several Playlists have featured a handful of our albums:

In order to keep track of all the featured albums, we put them all in one place for you in our “Spotify’s PARMA Picks!” playlist. If you haven’t already, follow us, our playlist, and spread the terrific music around so we can add more albums to our growing playlist.

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