METHOD MUSIC Sit In Launched

Navona Records is proud to announce a new component of Lawrence Ball’s METHOD MUSIC that allows Sitters from the original Lifehouse Method website to share their uniquely generated music with other Sitters and the listening public.
METHOD MUSIC – a double-disc album of Ball’s algorithmic compositions produced by Pete Townshend – serves as both the outgrowth and foundation of Townshend’s legendary LIFEHOUSE project. Using the same system of Ball and Dave Snowdon’s “Harmonic Mathematics” that was used to create the Sitter pieces through The Lifehouse Method, the electronic works on this album illustrate the theoretical underpinnings of the project as a whole.
SIT IN – the newly developed section of the METHOD MUSIC mini-site – allows the original Sitters from The Lifehouse Method portraiture website to share the unique pieces of audio that were generated through the Method. A central element of METHOD MUSIC and the “Lifehouse” story itself, the portraiture system that yielded these pieces and the participants behind them represent a realization of Pete Townshend’s expansive, challenging, and inspired musical vision.
Visit to hear the uploaded pieces, or to upload your own if you were a Sitter.


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