Meet "Not Your Average Orchestra" OURBIGBAND!

Join OURBIGBAND with Dave Douglas for a night of pure musical talent and diverse sound as PARMA Music Festival presents its first concert in the season on October 7th. Buy your tickets here.

OURBIGBAND has brought together the coastline musical roots of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, in order to create a sound that is unlike anything you can find in a big band. Some might say that they are “not your average orchestra.”

Chris Klaxton, the founder and organizer of OURBIGBAND, was quoted in an article for the Portsmouth Herald on his thoughts about getting the big band off of the ground:

 “I find myself surrounded constantly with fine instrumentalists and, as of the past several years, there is a plethora of fantastic musicians that can all improvise, all read music extremely well, can play in a very traditional way and are open to all forms of new/popular music. Knowing the musicianship and personalities in the band as I do, it seemed a perfect opportunity to put something of this sort together. I feel our collective sound/interests could yield a band capable of performing not only from the classic repertoire (these guys can swing hard!), but could also allow us to pursue original music, music from outside the jazz idiom, and eventually occupy a space in the community that is unique to us, our generation and our interests.”

OURBIGBAND is made up of a 13-piece horn section, piano, drums, guitar and vocalists. This contemporary big band works with, and plays anything from classical composers, to improvisers, and original works, while constantly adapting to diversity in sound.

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