May Releases Out Now on Navona, Ravello, and Big Round Records

Lionel Sainsbury

The Spanish tradition of flamenco music, by way of Paco Peña and Paco de Lucia, has significantly influenced the classical music world. Now composer and pianist Lionel Sainsbury explores the fiery passion and harmonic tension of flamenco on his latest Navona Records release ANDALUSIAN FANTASY.

The composer says of his affinity for flamenco music, “It has been described as containing ‘the brilliance of the guitar playing, the haunting laments of the singers, and the electrifying rhythms of the dancers.’ It’s that triumvirate, and its incredible complexity that appeals to me – that dark passion, almost a blackness, or duende, a wonderful, untranslatable Spanish word that combines nostalgia and suffering.” The composer-pianist translates the flavor of the flamenco guitar to the keyboard, with his polished and intricate technique and agile playing.  READ MORE


Sergio Cervetti

TRANSITS: MINIMAL TO MAYHEM, his fifth full Navona Records release, is an abridged sequence of five works from a set time and concrete place that maps composer Sergio Cervetti’s creative progression over four decades of composing.
Written in 2013, Concertino for piano, woodwinds and timpani is a rowdy and raucous array of South American rhythms tempered by a tender quote from Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder. One of Cervetti’s last minimalist works, Exiles (1980), was created on the Synclavier and begins with a slow piano rendition of a melodic theme from the Uruguayan patriotic song Mi Bandera, which is soon overwhelmed by electronic textures. In contrast, Guitar Music (the bottom of the iceberg) is an early minimalist work for solo guitar from 1975 that is an experiment with “restricted pitch-classes” and a nuanced tour-de-force with a soupçon of flamenco.  READ MORE

The City of Tomorrow

The conch shell exemplifies the versatility, sublimity, and transcendence of nature – a natural dwelling, a biological work of art, and, as shown by the City of Tomorrow, an instrument. NATURE, the debut Ravello Records release by the City of Tomorrow wind quintet – consisting of Elise Blatchford, flute; Stuart Breczinski, oboe; Camila Barrientos Ossio, clarinet; Laura Miller, bassoon; and Leander Star, horn – showcases works by four contemporary composers that explore the evolution of humanity’s relationship with nature. 
David Lang’s breathless illustrates the tireless flow of time – the constant and steady movement of events – each instrument playing the same phrase throughout which overlap and create a continuously evolving unity. The innate balance between order and chaos is portrayed in Luciano Berio’s ricorrenze, a piece in which interweaving virtuosic lines are grown from a single unison note, like sprouting from a seed.  READ MORE

Michael Sidney Timpson

In 2008 PARMA Recordings acquired Capstone Records, the highly respected New York-based classical label founded by composer Richard Brooks in 1986, with the intent of shepherding the company and its music into the digital era. This product, originally released on Capstone and now presented by PARMA’s Ravello Records imprint, is one of a series of re-releases from the catalog called THE CAPSTONE COLLECTION. For more music in this series, please visit
This album features works by composer Michael Sidney Timpson that combine three different “spheres of influence:” European avant-garde, American jazz and pop, and various Asian musical traditions. These spheres “collide” with inventive friction, often fuse to “reinvent” convention, and merge to “fertilize” the mind with inspirational seeds for further hybrid creativity.  READ MORE
Joe Porter & Joel Goodfellow

DETOURS, the debut Big Round Records release from percussionist Joe Porter and pianist Joel Goodfellow, showcases the jazz duo’s capacity for collaboration and improvisation, with animated and dynamic versions of well-known film and literary compositions.
Ennio Morricone’s theme music for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is given an emotionally-charged and heroic interpretation, with precise piano passages and vibraphone textures that match the expression of the soprano. Porter and Goodfellow create vivid and fluid narratives in Concerning Hobbits from The Fellowship of the Ring and Prometheus Rapture, Seven Legends for Snare Drum and Orchestra, melding improvised passages with expressive imagery. Paul Desmond’s well-known jazz standard, Take Five, is given a vibrant rendition in which Porter switches between vibraphone and drum set.  READ MORE

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