May 2017 New Releases on Navona and Big Round Records!


After yet another exciting release in April with Spotify features, amazing reviews pooling in, and multiple albums hitting more than 10K streams, we’re more than excited to bring you another round of releases. Today we not only have staple composers and artists, we also have two new PARMA artists, and the first ever bundle release that pulls on those nostalgic strings. Take a look…

NV6088 - Off The Edge - Front Cover.jpg

OFF THE EDGE  |  Alicia Terzian

An incredible journey into the heart of the string orchestra.  Alicia Terzian’s writing focuses heavily on the drama, nuance, and contrasts made available by the disparate forces of both string orchestra when alone and when complemented by other instrumental timbres.

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NV6093 -BLISSPOINT-Cover.jpg

BLISS POINT  |  Piotr Szewczyk, Bold City Contemporary Ensemble

Polish-born violinist and composer Piotr Szewczyk mines the depths of his musical flavor palette, drawing the album title from a concept of extreme flavor saturation found primarily in food sciences and subsequently in this varied and challenging collection of chamber music.

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NV6094 - Passage - Front Cover.jpg

PASSAGE |  Sergio Cervetti,  Craig Madden Morris,  Betty R. Wishart,  Daniel Crozier

An orchestral compilation featuring works by Sergio Cervetti, Daniel Crozier, Craig Morris, and Betty Wishart.  Though “passage” is a word of numerous meanings, all meanings, as illustrated in this collection, point back to a singular idea – the transition between two disparate entities.

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NV6095-LIVINGCOLOURS- Front Cover.jpg

LIVING COLOURS  |  Bruce Crossman

A potent representation of Australian composer Bruce Crossman’s music, inspired by his strong spirituality and eclectic, multicultural interests. Crossman evokes a “resonance of space” within his music, arising from a “deep-felt emotion and sensibility linking heaven and earth.”

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NV6096 - Spells-frontcover.jpg

SPELLS  |  Juli Nunlist

A new retrospective collection highlighting the music of poet and composer Juli Nunlist marks a touching journey through the earnest, romantic, and dramatic sounds of the late artist’s compositional language.

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CHIAROSCURO  |  Giovanni Piacentini

Classical guitarist and composer Giovanni Piacentini displays his dazzling talents as both composer and performer with a collection of chamber and solo works steeped in resonant, plucked string sound worlds.

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BR8948 -HorizonSunset-Cover.jpg

HORIZON SUNSET  |  #Bloomerangs

The debut record from international music collective #Bloomerangs, performing works by composer, arranger, producer, and guitarist Rodrigo Cotelo.  The album features a diverse array of sounds and instruments, often with several guest artists playing with the core performers of #Bloomerangs.

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NV6100 - What Are They Doing To That Piano - Front Cover.jpg


Featured Albums


An unusual compilation of five previously released albums featuring prepared pianos and pianos being played in unexpected ways.  Throughout this collection, the piano undergoes one metamorphosis after another, leaving the listener to interpret the diverse and transfixing sounds of which it is capable.


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