May 2013 Releases on Navona Records

Today Navona Records releases six PARMA-produced albums: CASCADING INTO REVERIE, SPELLBOUND, MOOD INDIGO, COLLECTED MUSIC OF JEROME DAVIS GOODMAN, TORRID NATURE SCENES, and FINE MUSIC, VOL. 4. Click “Read more” for info on each release and links to the catalog pages on the label websites.

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Yves Ramette
Navona Records NV5912
French composer Yves Ramette’s (1921-2012) music is marked by its ability to broadcast “messages of the heart,” offering unflinching and distinguished representations of emotion and experience using traditional forms. A student of Honegger and contemporary of Boulez, among others, Ramette’s works draw from the rhythmic and harmonic elements of mid-20th-century France. CASCADING INTO REVERIE, a two-disc retrospective of Ramette’s works for solo piano and orchestra, presents a series of meticulously constructed works showcasing the composer’s penchant for writing harmonically and rhythmically driven music. Pianist Eric Himy interprets Ramette’s works with creativity and finely honed technique, navigating difficult passages with ease and grace.

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Osterfield, Parks, Miller, Murray, Jacobs
Navona Records NV5911
From mythic origin stories, to the Elizabethan stage, to the modern cinema, the human experience is bound in storytelling that has the power to captivate minds and inspire creativity. Like a good story, the composers featured on SPELLBOUND transport the listener across landscapes only limited by the imagination. These new works for orchestra behave as narrative arches, allowing tension and emotion to build and release to a euphoric conclusion or a haunting realization.

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Erik Lotichius
Navona Records NV5913

Erik Lotichius, a composer unafraid of melody and accessibility, combines the sounds of traditional classics with those that took the 20th-century audiences by storm – in the composer’s own words, his work presents “Bach, the Blues and the Beatles” in a spectacular, enthralling combination of genre and style. MOOD INDIGO, a collection of Lotichius’ orchestral works, features Variations and Finale on “Mood Indigo,” an adaptation of the renowned Ellington tune; Piano Concerto No. 1, a colorful concerto form infused with jazz reminiscent of Gershwin and Ravel; Four Songs on American Poetry, an a set of songs featuring the poetry of Bly, Cummings, and Millay set for mezzo-soprano; and Ragtime, a short, entertaining piece showcasing a wide variety of brief instrumental solos. MOOD INDIGO also comes bundled with a bonus DVD, featuring a documentary detailing Lotichius’ music and career, his compositional process, the recording sessions for MOOD INDIGO, and more.

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Jerome David Goodman
Navona Records NV5914

The works of composer Jerome David Goodman posses a unique musical language, marked by his blending of the lush and rhapsodic with the tough and rigorous, often incorporated into the same piece to provide expressive, narrative development. On COLLECTED MUSIC OF JEROME DAVID GOODMAN, a retrospective album featuring a variety of his compositional output spanning the past two decades, features four of his works for various configurations: Montsegur Suite, an expressive representation of the resistance against Pope Innocent III’s Albigisensian Crusade; Three Piano Preludes, a set of pieces for solo piano posing virtuosic challenges with quick-silver changes of temperament; Saxophone Quartet, a work of subtle development with melodic motifs and piquant harmonies; and Violin Concerto, an expressionistic traditional concerto form with melodic lyrical lines bound by lively percussion.

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Nicholas Vines
Navona Records NV5915

TORRID NATURE SCENES, an album of chamber works from Australian composer Nicholas Vines, presents a series of musical landscapes that instill both anxiety and ebullience in the listener. Through his innovative use of woodwinds, voice, and chamber ensemble, Vines – a composer lauded for his “crackling style” (NewMusicBox) and called “compellingly original” (Boston Phoenix) and “both humorous and unsettling” (WGBH) – asks us to consider representations of nature fueled not by a passing glance of a wondrous vista, but by a series of creative engines wracked with self-burning energy, profound fury, and breath-filled life.

Catalog Page

Navona Records NV5916

FINE MUSIC, VOL. 4 is the fourth compilation of the Navona Records Fine Music digital series. This installment features the works of David Nisbet Stewart, Brian Noyes, Jonathan Little, Daniel Perttu, Curt Cacioppo, Santiago Billoni, Alejejandro Rutty, Joanne Carey, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Summer, Roger Bourland, Kjell Magne Andersen, and Jan Van der Roost. This collection both highlights some of Navona’s choicest tracks and offers a preview of things to come. The compositions on this album provides listeners with a preview of the label’s collective works and provides a convenient sampling for both experienced classical listeners and those looking for an introduction into the wide-ranging genre.

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