May 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our May 2012 albums on Navona, Ravello, and Big Round!  FIRE & TIME, SUMMER CIRCLE, MORNING MOON, and LYRIC IMAGES are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5871

Compilation of orchestral works by six American composers united by an expansive and sublime musical vision. With programmatic influences ranging from Jungian philosophy to musings on ancient Korean art to descriptions of contrasting mountain vistas, each piece on this album asks us to not only reflect on our collective past but on our communal future as well.

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Navona Records NV5873

Expressive, complex, and rhythmically thrilling chamber pieces that marry the sophisticated intricacies of jazz with the studied nuance of modern classical. The three pieces on this album blend Schlumpf’s mastery of the traditional with his penchant for the post-modern and improvisational, highlighting his skills and talents as an artist who possesses not only compositional ingenuity but prodigious instrumental prowess, as well.

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Big Round Records BR8924

12 tracks of music written by the members themselves, ranging from deep, dusky instrumental narratives to tango-inflected jungle-pop to electronic beats ripe for sampling. The group’s seamless blending of jazz, world, chamber, and experimental music highlights their ability to remain ahead of the curve; as most artists struggle to blur the lines of genre, Ecco La Musica has them nearly erased.

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Alan Schmitz
Ravello Records RR7837

Collection of guitar pieces written by composer Alan Schmitz over a period of 25 years (1977 to 2002) displaying a variety of styles. The use of such different approaches, sometimes in the same piece, is indicative of what has developed in the works of many artists (musical, visual, poetic, dance) during the second half of the 20th century. The driving force behind this album is the feeling that art, no matter which techniques are used or combined in its creation, should be accessible to both the layperson and the connoisseur.  

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