Mark Zanter Receives ASCAP Nissim Award Special Distinction

We are proud to announce that PARMA composer Mark Zanter has recently been distinguished by ASCAP for his skill and talent in concert composition with his piece “Lament and dream” for string orchestra, piano and percussion.

Mark’s score for “Lament and dream” was chosen alongside 3 other works out of nearly 300 submissions for the acclaimed Nissim Award due to Mark’s expertise and skill in composing.

The Nissim Award is presented annually to an ASCAP composer for a composition requiring a conductor that has not been performed professionally. The winning compositions are selected by a jury of conductors.

Mark is an active composer, performer, and teacher at Marshall University in West Virginia. We are currently working on an album of Mark’s original compositions (including “Lament and dream”), keep an eye out for Mark’s album in the future and read more about the ASCAP Nissim Award here:

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