March Releases

Happy release day from all of us at PARMA! Today marks the release day for three albums on Navona: THE BRIGHT AND RUSHING WORD, POLARITIES, and SONIC FLIGHT, and earlier this month we released IN THE KEY OF C-SPAN, VOL. 1. Click “read more” for more information and album previews.

Various Artists

“There’s some Mozart, and some Brahms. And that surprisingly catchy “First Ladies” tune — the kind of stuff that might make you want to break into a filibuster.” –Emil Heil, The Washington Post

IN THE KEY OF C-SPAN, Vol. 1 is the premiere release of the digital music collections featuring works from PARMA Recordings’ audio catalog which have been used in C-SPAN’s programming. 

PARMA and C-SPAN’s collaborative relationship stems back to January 2013, when the two companies teamed up on the C-SPAN series First Ladies: Influence & Image, for which PARMA produced a customized theme song. In May 2013, PARMA signed on as C-SPAN’s music provider, placing content from its audio catalog across the network’s original programming, promotions, and Senate quorum calls. Read More

Mathew Fuerst; Katherine Saxon; Chi-hin Leung; Alex Freeman

“The blending on a Navona CD called POLARITIES is of two types. For one thing, the disc blends five pieces by four different composers, each of whom creates a different type of modern music that is essentially classical…for another thing, the composers themselves showcase a blending of influences and approaches within their individual works.” Infodad

POLARITIES, an album of new presentations in classical music, expresses the emotions, feelings, and scenes associated with opposites. The works on the album, by four composers, range from a piece for wind ensemble and the Chinese gaohu, to a piano sonata, a chamber work, and works for orchestra. POLARITIES showcases the common focus of polar opposites and points of view in the works of four composers. Read More

Michael G. Cunningham

The paired and contrasted Dialogue and Diaphony are interestingly creative, thanks to use of a wind trio placed in balance and opposition to full orchestra and providing its own coloristic sonic blend to go with that of the ensemble as a whole” Infodad

This 2014 reissue of Michael Cunningham’s SONIC FLIGHT showcases six works for orchestra that effectively illustrate the composer’s adeptness at creating compelling large-scale compositions and presenting them through adroit, inspired orchestration techniques. 

Since the initial release of this album, Cunningham’s reputation as a highly accomplished craftsman has been burnished through his other Navona releases. SONIC FLIGHT provides a look back at the composer’s evolution and yields insight into where he is heading in the future. Read More

Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble 

“Chamber jazz has been around for a while. Detrick and company take it to a whole new level” Blogcritics Magazine

The Navona Records debut from chamber-jazz group Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble features composer and trumpeter Douglas Detrick’s ten-movement suite, The Bright and Rushing World, commissioned by Chamber Music America. This work, which George Grella called “impressively clear, inventive and compelling,” (Big City Blog, 2/4/14) is not a pastiche of styles, but a thoughtfully-constructed hybrid of music with a unique and personal sensibility inspired by sources as diverse as Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Benjamin Britten and Igor Stravinsky. Read More

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