March 2017 New Releases on Navona and Ravello Records!


Can you believe it’s March already? The year is flying by, the sun is starting to shine brighter, and with that, so are we. We’re ready for another round of releases. Are you ready? We have some big projects released today including some new PARMA artists such as Mark John McEncroe, long-time PARMA artists Michael G. Cunningham, and a project in memory of our dear friend Alan Beeler. Take a look…



Ruth Lomon | NV6080

Renowned composer Ruth Lomon displays her remarkable skill for piano writing on this album, pushing the instrument’s timbre and color to its limits to create animated sound worlds. READ MORE

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Micahel G. Cunningham | NV6081

Five acclaimed, international quartets perform composer Michael G. Cunningham’s intricate and inviting string music, defined by a focus on rhythm, melody, and texture, as well as his gentle – yet often dissonant – harmonic language.READ MORE

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Mark John McEncroe | NV6082

Composer Mark John McEncroe draws from personal experiences with addiction and depression on this conceptual release, a collection of sweeping orchestral compositions performed by the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist Helen Kennedy. READ MORE

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Alan Beeler | NV6085

Presented in memoriam of prolific composer Alan Beeler, this sampling of his sonatas, suites, etudes, and solos contains works from throughout his musical career, which is generally defined by a commitment to compositional craft and structural clarity. READ MORE

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Jonathan Santore | NV6086

Both the New Hampshire Master Chorale and the Manchester Choral Society elevate works from the expansive choral catalog of Jonathan Santore, a composer lauded for his writing and setting of texts that draws from themes of mythology, history, and distant cultures. READ MORE

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Beth Levin | NV6074

An exquisitely programmed showcase of the interconnectivity underlying the tradition of solo piano in Classical music. Pianist Beth Levin shines as she navigates the romantic masterpieces of Schubert and Brahms and a newer work from David Del Tredici. READ MORE

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*BRIGHT CIRCLE will be released on March 17th. However, the album is available now for pre-order.



Stephen Ruppenthal | RR7954

Written specifically for innovative New Music trumpeter Stephen Ruppenthal, these intriguing compositions for trumpet, flugelhorn, voice, crotale, and interactive electroacoustics allude to the works of Jon Hassell, Nils Petter Molvær, and Miles Davis’s Electric Era. READ MORE

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Beth Mehocic | RR7955

This digital single, commissioned by the Erick Hawkins Dance Company of New York City, sees composer Beth Mehocic and the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players channeling the avant-garde music techniques of Lucia Dlugoszewski, the company’s former director, and composer-in-residence. READ MORE

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