March 2013 releases on Navona and Big Round

Today Navona and Big Round Records release six PARMA-produced projects: MOTO PERPETUO, CROSS CONNECTION, IMAGINARY SYMPHONY AND OTHER TALES, THE CITY OF MY SOUL, and SHARE!. Click “Read more” for info on each release and links to the catalog pages on the label websites.

Catalog Page
March, Bartholomew, Beeler, Sherrill, Gottschalk, Ascioti
Navona Records NV5903

A collection of moving works for cello by March, Bartholomew, Beeler, Sherrill, Gottschalk, and Ascioti  bound by the cello’s simultaneous steadfastness and adaptability and the composers’ shared ability to seize and control the instrument’s expressive timbre and range. Featuring ten pieces intimately performed by cellist Ovidiu Marinescu, this album proves the cello’s ability to connect the slow and brooding with the meditative and joyous, and beyond.

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Henry Wolking & James Scott Balentine
Navona Records NV5903

CROSS CONNECTION features the works of Henry Wolking and James Scott Balentine, two composers whose works perfectly complement each other through musical studies of crossed paths and human togetherness. Both composers’s works consider the meaning of life, love, and music, and the relationship between each: Gone Playin’, a spirited musical riff on epitaphs and their connection of life and death; The Old Gypsy, a Hungarian-influenced piece for string quartet that reflects on the perpetuity of musical themes and influences; and Dùn Èideann Blogh, a recollection of times past with friends and family.

Catalog Page
Anthony Piccolo
Navona Records NV5904

An album devoted entirely to the works of NYC-based composer Anthony Piccolo, presenting Imaginary Symphony No. 1, hailed as “one of the most appealing pieces for children and orchestra ever written” (The Advocate, Stamford CT), as well as his virtuosic, impassioned Sonata for Cello Solo; Fever Time for children’s voices and percussion, on text by Susan Kander based on a real-life fever; Flûtes de suite, four pieces employing the full range and mobility of the flute family; and Fanfare-Sonatina for four horns, with movements in contrasting contrapuntal and dance forms.

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Sophie Dunér
Big Round Records BR8926

THE CITY OF MY SOUL is a collaboration between jazz singer Sophie Dunér, classical ensemble The Callino Quartet, and Grammy- and Juno-winning producer Michael Haas, resulting in an explosion of stylistic fusion and musical ingenuity. Dunér’s talents as a composer, lyricist, and vocalist—hailed as a “genuine triple threat” (Cadence) and “prolific, fearless and quirky” (—mesh seamlessly with the classically trained ensemble, allowing the colors and personality of her songs to shine through with musical and personal significance.

Recess Music
Big Round Records BR8927

Introducing SHARE! – the fourth release in the critically acclaimed Best Foot Forward Music Series. SHARE! teaches our kids lessons of generosity and kindness with songs chosen for their ability to engage, educate, entertain, and encourage children to think about selflessness and giving. Just like the other discs in the Best Foot Forward series, SHARE! features many contrasting styles and engaging, fun tunes enjoyable for kids and parents alike!

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