Lawrence Ball: Thoughts & Notes on METHOD MUSIC

In an effort to bring a deeper understanding to the complexity and inspiration behind METHOD MUSIC, the double album of algorithmic compositions based on Pete Townshend’s “Lifehouse Method,” composer and mathematician Lawrence Ball is writing a series of articles about different legs of the discovery of his Harmonic Mathematics system of algorithmic composition, how he came to collaborate with Pete Townshend, and the processes behind the creation and release of METHOD MUSIC.

A new post will be published every couple of days. Check back here, or the PARMA pages on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new posts.

Post #1: “Terry Riley, Pete Townshend and Lawrence Ball – A Triangle of Inspiration”
Published January 4, 2012

Post #2: “The Relationship of the Album METHOD MUSIC and the Lifehouse Method Portraiture to My 1984 Series of Composition Called Number Rays”
Published January 11, 2012

Post #3: “Working with Pete Townshend”
Published January 18, 2012

Post #4: “Creating High Quality for the METHOD MUSIC Album”
Published January 23, 2012

Post #5: “Synthesized and Cyber-Music in The Who’s and in Experimental Music”
Published January 25, 2012

Post #6: “Dave Snowdon – Lifehouse-Method Web User Interface and Software Engineer”
Published January 27, 2012

Post #7: An Exploration of Imaginary Galaxies”
Published January 30, 2012

Post #8: How I Designed the Lifehouse-Method MusicPortraiture System”
Published January 31, 2012

To hear samples of METHOD MUSIC, read the extensive back story, and purchase a copy of the album, visit the METHOD MUSIC mini-site.

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