Landfill Harmonic


Have you ever heard of a little town in Paraguay called Cateura? Odds are that you have not. Well, it’s a town built entirely on a landfill. Turns out, it’s also one of the poorest towns in Paraguay. (To give you an idea, just one American Dollar is worth 4135 Paraguayan Guarani.) To compensate for this, they use what they have; this means they recycle everything – right down to musical instruments…

Click “Read More” to read more about Cateura and its musical instruments and view a Video about its Recycled Orchestra.

The Recycled Orchestra (Los Reciclados) started out as a regular music program until the amount of students outnumbered the amount of instruments. Students often shared instruments, which is detrimental to both classroom instruction as well as at home practicing. One day, a local found parts of a violin and decided to fix it up, making it an instrument created purely from recycled trash.

Over the past few years, the orchestra has gained popularity. So much so, that it has a documentary titled, “Landfill Harmonic” that is scheduled for release, and the teaser for the full-length film has gained over 800,000 views on YouTube.

Today, the orchestra is part of Sonidos de la Tierra (Sounds of the Earth) an organization that has grown to 14,000 students across Paraguay over the 10 years that the organization has been in existence.

Visit their homepage and learn more about Landfill Harmonic here.

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