Kickstarter: "Three Songs" for Trio Casals

We at PARMA are proud to announce that we recently recorded NY based composer Diane Jones’ “Three Songs” for Trio Casals in Pennsylvania with the trio last month. These three pieces will showcase Diane’s flexibility and range as a composer, as well as Trio Casals’ instrumental mastery.

The “Three Songs” that make up this work are:  “Street Song” – a frantic movement inspired by busy streets and sidewalks.  Everyone vies for space on the street, all the while driving endlessly forward, forward, forward; “Mountain Song” – gentle breezes, fresh air, and clear skies are a dramatic change from city streets.  This movement is flowing and lyrical, with the melody introduced by the ‘cello and brought to a beautiful end with the violin; and finally, “Sky Song” – music filled with mixed emotions and love, the melody evokes the essence of Diane’s late brother, as he watches over his wife and children, left behind far too soon.

Diane has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the cost of production. Check out her video below to get a taste of the songs and support this campaign!

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