Karen Tarlow at Futura Studios

PARMA had the pleasure of working in the studio with Composer Karen Tarlow recording her works for chorus, clarinet, and piano titled Be My Love and Hope Burns A Flame

Along with our amazing Boston-area musicians including clarinetist Yhasmin Valenzuela, pianist Hannah Shields, engineer John Weston, and chorus Vox Futura, we also featured renowned choral conductor Harold Rosenbaum (New York City) and Producer Dirk Fischer (Berlin). 

Dirk Fischer has produced recordings with PARMA on orchestral projects with the St. Petersburg State Symphony. We were fortunate that he happened to be visiting the United States during this batch of sessions and could also produce Karen Tarlow’s works here at Futura Productions in Roslindale MA.

Karen’s choral works Be My Love and Hope Burns A Flame are beautiful, exciting, and feature a not-so-common musical configuration. As Dirk mentioned upon viewing the scores (and we agree), “I am a big fan of the combination of vocals, clarinet, and piano in romantic repertoire (though there is not that much of it, unfortunately), and am thrilled to see that contemporary composers are exploring a similar setting again.” 

Congratulations to Karen, the musicians, and recording team on a fantastic couple of days of rehearsing and recording. We are excited for the release of these works and hope you are too!

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