June 2019 Album Reviews

Each month, PARMA has the pleasure of not only releasing powerful works by our artists, but also seeing the positive impact that these works have on listeners. Read on for a selection of what the press had to say about the latest releases from Navona, Ravello, and Ansonica Records.

“A PATH OF LIGHT creates a steady stream of invitations to explore the ancient and the present. The result is a very engaging album that is about as unique as one can get.”

Cinemusical on A PATH OF LIGHT

“Frey is now firmly on my radar and I recommend you keep an eye out for more from him as well.”


“Ahvenniemi’s compositions, due to their intellectual quality combined with a mixture of stylistic elements, encompass the most modern tradition of Nordic and contemporary composition. A spectacular work!”

Sonograma on TACIT-CITAT-ION

“It’s almost impossible to not get caught up in the duo’s raw emotional energy as they bring these compositions to life.”

Review Graveyard on DUO FANTASY

“What is astonishing is how natural and perfectly proportioned the two quartets are, with a lot of very characteristic themes testifying to a wonderful creativity.”

Pizzicato on PIANO QUARTETS 1 & 2

“Fans of choral music will embrace this. If you normally shy away from this genre, this might just be the album to convert you.”

Review Graveyard on IN HEAVEN

“This is really very well composed. The three quartets can be heard in particularly good performances.”

Pizzicato on STRING QUARTETS 1, 2 & 3

“The music can explore some slightly darker colors which adds its own equal fascinating texture.”

Cinemusical on LINES & SPACES

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