June 2017 New Music on Navona and Ravello Records


Help kick off the beginning of summer by celebrating new music from Navona and Ravello Records, featuring Les Délices, Sergio Cervetti, Jan Jirásek and JITRO, Allen Brings, and Demetrius Spaneas.

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NV6098 – Age Of Indulgence – Front Cover.jpg


Early music ensemble Les Délices presents an exquisite compendium of unique and rare instrumental music from the last generation of French Baroque composers.

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NV6099 – Triptych Revelation – Front Cover


Composer Sergio Cervetti presents works written over four decades of his career, featuring unique explorations of apocalyptic themes, inspired by themes drawn from the New Testament, nineteenth-century French literature, and Flemish art of the sixteenth century.

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PARALLEL WORLDS  |  JITRO; Jan Jirásek, Composer

Czech composer Jan Jirásek, with the Czech children’s choir JITRO performing, provides a varied collection of sacred and secular choral music for non-traditional sounds, as well as vocal forms rooted in Renaissance and Medieval traditions.

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NV6103 – Music For Voices - Front Cover.jpg

MUSIC FOR VOICES  |  Allen Brings

Composer and pianist Allen Brings presents a collection of pairings for vocals and instruments, often marrying the forces of chorus and orchestra.

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NV6104 – Music For Keyboard Instruments - Front Cover.jpg


Composer and pianist Allen Brings explores a musical family tree featuring compositions of solo pieces for harpsichord, piano, and organ, as well as a harpsichord-led string ensemble composition that concludes the album.

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FROM A FAR-OFF WORLD  |  Demetrius Spaneas

Saxophonist and bass clarinetist Demetrius Spaneas performs compositions for woodwinds and electronics.

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