June 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our June 2012 albums on Navona and Ravello! LOS MINISTRILES IN THE NEW WORLD, MAGIC MIRROR, ESSAYS AND SKETCHES, and JUBILUS AND PANTOMIME are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5875

A broad and varied collection of Early Music placing its focus on the transplantation of Spanish early music into the New World and the cross-cultural melding of Spanish, Indian, and African music. The music on this recording presents both the old and the new, an amalgam and broad sampling of the songs, motets, masses, villancicos, recercadas, differencias, and dances that entertained, educated, and edified both indigenous peoples and the Iberian newcomers alike in el Nuevo Mundo.  

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Navona Records NV5876

The second volume of composer Marty Regan’s series of Selected Works for Japanese Instruments, featuring a collection of works composed for traditional Japanese instrumentation with a Western-trained ear. Through the combination of his traditional classical education and intensive studies of Japanese music and culture, Regan explores the cross-cultural exchange between Eastern and Western traditions, blending the two into a dynamic sound that pushes the Japanese instruments to the very brink of their musical boundaries. 

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Ravello Records RR7840

Works by American composer Newton D. Strandberg (1921-2001), featuring performances by orchestras and ensembles from around the globe. The four pieces on this recording serve as an astute collection of Standberg’s output as a composer. More than a musical release alone, ESSAYS AND SKETCHES serves as a retrospective of Strandberg’s prolific career, housing a collection of writings, visual art, scores, and more, all compiled by Strandberg’s peers, students, and admirers from Sam Houston State University.


Gheorghe Costinescu
Ravello Records RR7822

This full-length DVD presents a live recording of two of Costinescu’s celebrated works: Jubilus for soprano, trumpet, and percussive body sounds, an expression of physical and spiritual rejoicing; and Pantomime for chamber orchestra, a choreographic work for fifteen musicians featuring movement dictated by musical patterns. This DVD also includes post-performance discussions on the scores and diagrams, and an interview with the composer.

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