January 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our January 2012 albums! METHOD MUSIC, NINETIES TIMEFLOW, and FINE MUSIC, VOL. III are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read more” for more info on each release.

Official Mini-Site
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Lawrence Ball
Navona Records NV5860

Meditative yet propulsive. Structured yet sprawling. Gossamer yet muscular. Inspired yet meticulously constructed.  METHOD MUSIC by Lawrence Ball is all these and more, a double album of highly adventurous electronic music by a master innovator of algorithmic composition. But this album possesses a unique, illustrious lineage that, despite the clear difference in style and genre, connects it to one of the most famous works in the rock music repertoire – METHOD MUSIC is both the outgrowth and the root of the legendary LIFEHOUSE project by Pete Townshend, the conceptualizer and co-producer of the album, and presents a theoretical system of musical portraiture in which a listener’s personal data is translated into a unique composition. Visit the official METHODMUSIC mini-site to access the album’s liner notes, midi downloads, and more.

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Official Mini-Site
iTunes | ClassicsOnline | Amazon

Alan Schmitz
Ravello Records RR7821

“What music encapsulates the 90s?” This question is usually answered with grunge, alt-rock, manufactured pop, hip-hop, or any combination thereof. With NINETIES TIMEFLOW, composer Alan Schmitz steers us in another direction with a collection of contemporary classical works that represents the overarching themes of his work throughout the decade. The melodic, evocative, and accessible works on this release cap off a revolutionary century of classical composition with the perfect balance of influence and ingenuity. From traditional string trios to violin and marimba duos, Schmitz’s works span a diverse set of configurations that perfectly compliment his style as a composer. The 18 performers on this release match the diversity of Schmitz’s composition and play each piece with a deep understanding of his artistic vision. Visit the NINETIES TIMEFLOW mini-site to redeem your digital download card and access liner notes, study scores, and more.

iTunes | ClassicsOnline | Amazon

FINE MUSIC, VOL. III (Digital Release)
Various Aritsts
Navona Records NV5868

FINE MUSIC, VOL. III is the third compilation of the Navona Records Fine Music digital series. This installment features the works of Lawrence Siegel, Sergio Cervetti, Tony Piccolo, Adrienne Albert, Daniel Perttu, Gerhard Stabler, Jane O’Leary, Jim Scully, Meira Warshauer, Piffaro, John Carollo, William Vollinger, Peter Van Zandt Lane, Lawrence Ball, and Benjamin Yusupov. This collection both highlights some of Navona’s choice tracks and offers a preview of things to come. The compositions on this album provides listeners with a preview of our label’s collective works and provides a convenient sampling for both experienced classical listeners and those looking for an introduction into the wide-ranging genre.
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