Introducing Patrick Niland, PARMA’s Summer Intern

Hi, I’m Patrick Niland, and I was recently brought on board the PARMA team as the A&R/Licensing intern for this summer.

Finishing a spring semester of college is always an exciting feeling. The cold winter days are part of a distant past, and the cool spring evenings are about to give way to the beauty that is summer. 

While the beginning of summer generally signifies the start of long days working at a job I don’t enjoy, this year is different. I spend most of my days either playing music, watching music or listening to music. So when I had the opportunity to apply to PARMA as an A&R/Licensing intern, I couldn’t wait to hear back. Finally, a chance to do something in the professional world that I have such a passion for in my personal life! Once I got the email from PARMA that I was chosen for the A&R/Licensing internship, I was over the moon. 

I wasn’t overly familiar with PARMA’s recording lineup, but I’ve had an opportunity to digest a fraction of the many great artists that PARMA features on it’s three record labels. Over the past few weeks, I’ve put together a group of songs that have stood out to me.

The first track is “Morning Moon”, by Ecco la musica. It features an excellent headnodic groove very reminiscent to the sound that artists like Madlib and DJ Premier enjoy laying down under a hip hop song so much. This album offers a lot of other great tracks and I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

Another interesting song that I discovered is “Sound from the Delta” by Jean-Philippe Gregoire. When I heard that this album was by a French jazz guitarist, I immediately thought of Django Reinhardt. But when I listened to the record the sound was much different, and more in the vein of 60s jazz greats like Kenny Burrell or Grant Green. The playing here seamlessly blends many styles, and my ears can’t get enough. 

If you enjoyed these two compositions, the rest of this playlist might be for you!

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