Introducing PARMA’s Two New Marketing Interns

We are thrilled to introduce Courtney White from Roger Williams University and Ciara Brady from Fitchburg State University to our Marketing family for this summer!

Below we have asked our two new marketing interns to tell us a little about themselves, specifically about why they chose PARMA Recordings for their new internship. 

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19 years old
Chester, New Hampshire

My name is Courtney White, and I am proud to be apart of the PARMA Marketing/Public Relations team for this summer. I am a junior at Roger Williams University where I am concentrating on Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Photography. 

As my Spring 2016 semester has come to a successful end, I am happy to join PARMA Recordings for a summer internship credit. I can’t complain about being surrounded by funny and creative people within the music scene, brilliant skilled composers, and most importantly a 5 minute drive to the beach of my choice within my home-state of New Hampshire.

I remember applying to PARMA, and how nervous I was because it is my first professional internship. When I was reading about the Marketing/Public Relations spot available online in March, I instantly fell in love with the internship because it provided the perfect combination of music and professional experience that I had been searching for. I look forward to growing my marketing skills through executing a wide variety of expected promotional tasks and responsibilities- all within an extremely fast-paced environment!

Music has and continues to play a significant role in my life, whether I’m going to shows with my friends, taking promotional photos for bands, playing music, or keeping my opinions open about new types of music, music remains a consistent part of my life. I use music as a form of self expression in a variety of different ways, I find myself expressing myself using photography – always searching for the special moments to press click during a live set. Depending on how I’m feeling – will determine what music I listen to for that given day. No matter what, I turn to music for just about everything. 

Given my passion for music, I thought “why not combine my work ethic for Public Relations and Marketing towards the music industry.” When I heard back that I had received this internship at PARMA, I was ecstatic! Finally a chance to apply my drive for music in the professional world. I’m eager to help PARMA properly promote and market their clients across the world. 

I’m excited to see what’s in store for me this summer at PARMA Recordings!

22 years old
Topsfield, Massachusetts 

I’m Ciara, one of the newest Marketing Interns at PARMA! I recently graduated from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelors of Science in Professional Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. Since moving back to Topsfield MA, where I grew up, I have been enjoying my time away from the stress of finals and celebrating my graduation.

I fell in love with the Advertising/Marketing world when I competed in the National Student Advertising Competition my junior year of college. The nationwide competition showcases one company that each school has to develop a successful marketing and advertising campaign to present to a board of judges and all the colleges in the division. Preparing for the competition was the hardest, but most rewarding project I completed at school and the skills and portfolio work that I’ve acquired still help me today! 

I was able to help the with the 2016 competition team by creating a Marketing Plan with everything my team and I had learned in the previous year that applied to their new company assignment. The plan really felt like the perfect closure to my favorite project in that I got to help the next batch of students working towards winning the competition.

I was so excited to find and receive this internship at PARMA in that it rolls two important aspects of my life into one, music and marketing. PARMA has introduced me to a completely new catalog of music and will allow me to help to promote their artists and their work using the strategies I’ve learned over the past four years at Fitchburg State. This internship will also enable me to learn about the ins and outs of the PARMA Marketing department while also allowing me to fulfill my final credits needed to receive my diploma! 

I’m can’t wait to spend my summer working alongside people who are passionate and experienced in the world of Marketing in the music industry and to help them in any way I can! 

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