Inspirations, Interpretations, and International Call for Scores: Conversations with Flutist Dieter Flury

Born in Switzerland, flutist Dieter Flury has made a name for himself across genres as a capable, compelling performer in studio and onstage. Having not only performed in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra but also served as the Artistic Director and General Manager of the same orchestra, Dieter has worn many hats in the music world and has performed exceptionally in each. This spring, Dieter is one of the three performers in the PARMA Spring Call for Scores and will be bringing his talents and wealth of knowledge in genres from Baroque to contemporary into the exploration of new music.

In this interview with PARMA, Dieter discussed how he prepares for sessions, the ways in which he transforms a score into a living piece of music, who his artistic inspirations have been over the years, and more.

Thank you Dieter for taking the time to speak with PARMA and we look forward to hearing your performances of Call for Scores submissions!

For more information and how to submit, please visit our website.

The views and opinions in this post do not necessarily reflect those of PARMA Recordings LLC and its subsidiaries, including Navona Records.

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