I Know What I Like

 The voice and lyrics of the indomitable Huey Lewis have been something of a guiding light for me all throughout my life.  I’m at the end of my first week as a full time employee at PARMA Recordings, and just as “The Power of Love” still finds itself applicable in my more romantic moments, I’m stuck defining my time with another of Huey’s hits.  I’m slowly making my way through PARMA’s expansive back catalog of contemporary music, and as I’m still becoming acquainted with the music, there are pieces which are grabbing my interest for no obvious reason.  Why did I pick these songs?  Well to put it simply, as Huey says in his song of the same name, “I Know What I Like.”

From the lush vocal performance and lyricism of Sophie Duner and the Callino Quartet on “Ugly Beautiful” to the ferocious solo contrabass performance on Ryan Jesperson’s “BA(da)SS,” this collection has only a modicum of everything PARMA has to offer.  I encourage you to take a look through the catalogs of any of our 3 in-house labels and pick something adventurous for yourself to listen to.  You never know what will get stuck in your head or strike you in a way that you never expected. 

Enjoy the music!

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