Henry Wolking is Presenting IN SEA at an International Jazz Conference!


Henry Wolking has been asked by the International Society of Jazz Arranger’s and Composers to present his March, Big Round Records release, IN SEA at the next ISJAC conference in May of 2017!

The executive committee for ISJAC consists of some of the best and well-known jazz artists and composers:  John Hollenback, Billy Childs, Maria Schneider, Rufus Reid, and Chuck Owen.

In addition to the honor of being asked to present his first big band jazz album, Wolking is also a judge at the American Trombone Workshop, where his piece, “Bass Trombone Music,” was chosen as the required work for level three trombonists worldwide. Wolking will be listening to the top three finalists play his own piece, which will be, as we can imagine, a most memorable moment.

Henry Wolking, composer, trombonist, conductor, teacher and author, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his Masters of Music at the University of Northern Texas under the direction of Martin Mailman.


Wolking began his teaching career at the University of Utah as head of jazz at only 24 years-old. Wolking remained as a teacher at the University of Utah School of Music for 40 years until his recent retirement.

The beginning of Wolking’s extensive composing career began in 1973 when he won second place in the International Trombone Composition Contest. Since his win, he has composed twenty compositions for orchestra, two four-movement symphonies, a ballet, eight concertos, four fantasies, five jazz works, a tango, a fanfare, and of course, he’s not done! He may be in retirement, but he’s surely not retired.

As Wolking continues to perform and compose, his writing has been commissioned for platforms such as the Olympics, and performed, as well as recorded internationally, by orchestras such as Warsaw Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra, New Zealand Orchestra, and the BCC Jazz orchestra.

Wolking has also released CROSS CONNECTION on Navona Records, and recently appeared on DASHING, which also released on Navona this past September.

Congratulations to Henry Wolking and his newest achievement! You can find IN SEA on Amazon and iTunes. Still not sold? Here’s a promo…

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