Gregory W. Brown’s MISSA CHARLES DARWIN is featured in Best-Selling Author Dan Brown’s “Origin”

PARMA Recordings is excited to announce that award-winning composer Gregory W. Brown‘s upcoming Navona Records release MISSA CHARLES DARWIN, recorded with Grammy-nominated New York Polyphony, will be featured in New York Times best-selling author, Dan Brown‘s upcoming book, “Origin.”

The author of the mega-bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code and movie franchise starring Tom Hanks was inspired to write his next novel in the Robert Langdon series when he heard composer and brother Gregory W. Brown’s MISSA CHARLES DARWIN.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay between science and religion; ‘Missa Charles Darwin’ is an ingenious fusion of the two, and it immediately captivated me. MISSA CHARLES DARWIN got me thinking about evolutionary processes, spiritual views, and the origins of our species and our belief systems. These are themes I explore in my new novel.” – Dan Brown

Gregory W. Brown originally composed the piece for New York Polyphony in 2011 when the group’s bass, Craig Phillips, suggested the idea to him. Craig then edited and compiled Darwin’s texts in collaboration with the composer to create the basic structure of the piece. To create the music Brown began by translating the DNA sequence of one of Darwin’s finches into the initial melodic fragment that informs the whole work. MISSA CHARLES DARWIN follows the basic structure of a five-movement mass with the addition of an Alleluia. Where religious and sacred texts would lie, excerpts from On The Origin of Species, The Descent of Man, and Darwin’s extant correspondence have been substituted. The interplay of frame and content is the heart of MISSA CHARLES DARWIN.

Dan Brown’s forthcoming book Origin is the latest in a string of highly anticipated novels featuring Robert Langdon. The novel explores the big questions — “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?” — and does so in a way that mixes science and religion, ancient and modern… just like MISSA CHARLES DARWIN.

MISSA CHARLES DARWIN, with deluxe special edition packaging, will be available to purchase on Friday, September 29th. A limited amount will include a hand-signed photograph by both Gregory and Dan Brown.

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Proceeds from MISSA CHARLES DARWIN will be donated to music education charities, including Chorus America, American Choral Directors Association, and the International Society for Music Education.

“When we were kids, Dan and I both played piano, wrote music, and sang in choir. These early musical experiences have had a profound effect on who we are and on our creative processes. Studies have shown that cognitive gains from musical study support intellectual development, even in non-musical areas. Dan and I believe that musically vibrant communities create more compassionate young people with stronger and more flexible minds.” – Gregory W. Brown

Dan Brown "Origin"
Gregory W. Brown signing photographs for the deluxe special edition of MISSA CHARLES DARWIN.

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