Gramophone Review: AWAKENINGS

An excellent review for Coro Allegro’s recent release AWAKENINGS appeared in the December issue of Gramophone. A copy of the article can be found here:

Click read more for a few excerpts from the review.

Coro Allegro

The Boston-based Coro Allegro, led by David Hodgkins, performs each score with fine balance and interplay. The ensemble singing is at all times keenly engaged to the emotional moment and the soloists bring vivid definition to their duties (Gramophone, Dec. 2012).

Robert Stern – praise for “Shofar”

Soloists and chorus engage in dramatic lyrical encounters drawn from passages from the Old Testament. It is a work of dignified power (Gramophone, Dec2012).

Ronald Perera – praise for “Why I Wake Early”

In his settings of the Oliver poems, Perera places the chorus in a series of glistening soundscapes in collaboration with string quartet and piano. The final titular poem basks in reflected beauty before taking euphoric wing on the words ‘I start the day in happiness, in kindness’ (Gramophone, Dec2012).

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