Forget Dog Walkers, Hello Cat Walkers!

“Mom, mom…please stop. You’re embarrassing me. I’m not going.”

A few weeks ago you may remember that we had three big recording sessions going on all at the same time. While CEO Bob Lord and A&R Representative Marina Altschiller were in the Czech Republic, our Sessions Manager Levi Brown, Grammy-winning producer Brad Michel, and our Social Media Specialist Samantha Granville, were in the heart of Philly.

The recordings sessions were going well on all fronts. The performers recording composer Peter Greve’s piece “Aria for Trumpet and Organ,” stunned the producers into a moment of synchronized head nods. In Philly, Trio Casals were laughing it up after having a perfect take. There was nothing really out of the ordinary happening, well, except for this guy…

But you know, different worlds, right? In Prague, people send texts via the Hedwig app, it’s just accepted. Other than that and snapping a few photos with rivaling Philly Cheese Stake venues and Bob riding cannons, life was normal and recording sessions were running smoothly.

For the third session, though, everything changed…

While part of our team was still in Philly, and Marina was heading back to the states on a plane, Bob was headed over to Poland for our first ever recording sessions there (Woah!). As soon as his feet hit the tarmac, something felt off to Bob…something he couldn’t quite put his finger on…until he hit the streets.

As normal as it was to be communicating through owls in Prague, there were cats on leashes in Poland. Let’s gets this straight. Cats on leashes. Everywhere. Dogs are one thing because they’re dopey and run around everywhere trying to make friends like the real life Doug, so you need a leash to keep from lick attacks. But cats are a whole other game. As much as we love them, and boy do classical artists love them, they can be pretty…well, to put it nicely, stubborn.

To give you a better idea of how walking a cat looks, imagine you’re in the middle of a grocery store and your toddler decides to through a temper tantrum and lies in the middle of the floor and doesn’t want to move. Not the best picture, right? Imagine this all of them time. That’s essentially walking a cat.

Cats will not move if they don’t want to. If they’re in a good mood, like this orange highness below, then you’re fine. However, the second he turns for no reason, be prepared to sit for a while unless you want your face scratched in an attempt to move him along a bit faster.

On a side note, after this video cut, Bob said, completely astonished, that this cat sat and waited for a train and then proceeded to get on the train with it’s human (aka servant).

Anyway, maybe our thinking about cats on leashes is out of wack…maybe it really is the next big thing. There’s certainly never a dull moment during sessions.

Until next time, we’re signing off.

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