DRESS CODE Featured in Spotify’s Hand-Picked Playlist


The past few release months have been exciting for PARMA and our artists. The music streaming giant Spotify has picked up on the past three PARMA releases and have been featuring tracks from our artists’ albums in their hand-picked playlist “Classical New Releases,” which has over 160k listeners.

Korean concert violinist Moonkyung Lee started the trend back in February with her release of TCHAIKOVSKY, which features the London Symphony Orchestra, and now has over 50k streams. The trend continued with New York pianist Beth Levin and her March release BRIGHT CIRCLE, featuring the works of Brahms, Schubert, and Del Tredici, which since the release, has over 75k streams.

Last Friday we released our April releases and as luck would have it, the trend continues with the award-winning Colorado-based string ensemble Altius Quartet and their debut PARMA release DRESS CODE.  Now up to over 9k streams, we are excited to see where Altius and DRESS CODE will be in the coming weeks.

You can find DRESS CODE on Amazon, iTunes, and ArkivMusic.


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