December 2018: New Releases from Ansonica Records

As the year comes to a close, we begin to look ahead at the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the new. Leap into something you’ve never heard this year with music from Ansonica Records, a member of the PARMA family of labels showcasing the best of music around the globe.



Maykel Elizarde, Dayron Ortega Guzmán, Eduardo Silveira

Ansonica Records’ latest release is about as organic as a recording can be. Recorded amidst the reconnection of old friends, glasses of Cuban rum, and the calling out of tunes by guitarist Dayron Ortega and the response from his musical compañeros Maykel Elizarde and Eduardo Silveira, the album came together in a manner that could be described as, well, ESPONTÁNEO.


Vocal Universo

Why is it that even when one cannot comprehend a piece, its meaning can often still transcend language barriers? The four captivatingly powerful lead voices of the group Vocal Universo unpack these questions in MÚSICA UNIVERSAL. The expressive performances present Cuban themes and tunes, but expand them into a globally connective listening experience.

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