Dan Brown Takes the Music Hall Stage to Talk about Newest Thriller ORIGIN

PARMA Recordings had the opportunity to be backstage at the historic Music Hall in the heart of Portsmouth, NH last night with New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown for Writers on a New England stage. The topic of the night was his latest novel ORIGIN, which happens to feature his brother’s Mass, MISSA CHARLES DARWIN, a Navona Records release.

It was a full-house, buzzing with excited fans, family, and friends. The Music Hall was the third to last stop on Dan Brown’s six-week book tour since the release of his book in early October. This tour date was special, not only was he back in his hometown, but because he was also joined by both his father, Richard, and his brother, Gregory W. Brown. Being at the Music Hall with his friends and family was “humbling” he said.

Dan and Gregory’s father, Richard, kicked off the night with an introduction that stole the show with witty jokes and pokes at Dan, garnering boisterous laughter from the audience. Behind the scenes, Dan was also laughing and shaking his head, obviously used to the abuse.

When Dan took the stage, he talked about his upbringing, and how different it was from his friends because they didn’t own a TV, about how he’s fascinated by books and learning, about artificial intelligence and about how he came to writing the novel, which began when he first heard his brother’s Mass MISSA CHARLES DARWIN.

Before he sat down with host Virginia Prescott of NHPR’s “Word of Mouth“, Dan went on to provide words of wisdom to our youth saying “When you’re a creator, whether a writer, musician, painter...all you have is a guidepost that you know you like…bad reviews are a small price to pay if it means you’re doing what you love.”

He then continued to talk about his brother’s composition, MISSA CHARLES DARWIN and how the Mass, which is interlaced with text from Charles Darwin himself, and transposed DNA from his finches, is “haunting and beautiful.” Dan then forced his brother to stand in the packed house for his “proud brother moment” where he announced that the album had just hit the Billboard charts. Gregory was greeted with an enormous applause, a moment that highlighted the eventful night.

The house band Dreadnaught, which also happens to feature bassist and PARMA Recordings CEO, Bob Lord, led Dan, and Veronica to their seats for “Writers on a New England Stage” portion of the night. The sense of home was brought to light when a question from the audience was “Where’s my pie plate?” which immediately brought the audience and Dan to laugh, “Peter Clark, you’re here?” he said looking out into the crowd. “I know, it’s been far too long, I’ll have it back to you soon!”

Following the questions and answer portion of the night, audience members were allowed backstage to join Dan Brown for a “meet and greet” catered with snacks and drinks. It was great to see fans mingling with not just Dan, but Gregory as well.

Overall, it was a thrilling night full of inspiration, laughs, and hometown fun. A successful and moving night for all.

To explore MISSA CHARLES DARWIN in more depth, check out this exclusive Spotify release featuring commentary by Gregory W. Brown, Craig Phillips of New York Polyphony, and Dan Brown.


By Samantha Granville, Social Media Specialist

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