Composer on Fire Interviews PARMA CEO Bob Lord

Listen to the latest episode of the Composer on Fire podcast, featuring PARMA CEO, Bob Lord.

Composer on Fire is a series of interviews with professional composers, educators, and music industry leaders and innovators that aims to provide composers the knowledge they need to reach their goals and thrive in today’s music industry. CoF is the brainchild of Garrett Hope, a composer, musician, educator, and the owner of Lincoln, NE’s premier piano tuning company. 
Garrett and Bob talk about marketing yourself as a professional composer and the importance of maintaining the rights to the art you create. Bob also shares his views on perfectionism, the listening experience, piracy and the enduring need for physical product, as well as stories from his life that have inspired and led him to where he is now.
Head over to for a full list of episodes, including an interview with PARMA composer Gregory W. Brown. Check out Garrett and his podcast on FacebookTwitter, and iTunes for all the latest!  

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